TGH School-Based Course Assistant Application

Thank you for wanting to be a TGH Course Assistant!  Below is the form that you need to complete to become a Course Assistant.

- If you are a BPS employee, skip to the bottom and fill out the form below.

- If you NOT a BPS employee, we need verification that you have been through the CORI check process. Please discuss this with the TGH Trainer. Before you can start as an assistant, TGH must received a letter from the school or BPS partner organization confirming your CORI check.  This confirmation can be sent electronically from the schools principal (see sample text below) or via an offical letter mailed to:

Tech Goes Home
PO Box 961379
Boston, MA 02196

If a principal would like to submit confirmation via email, the message should contain the language below:

I verify that [enter name] has already submitted to a recent CORI check and the information came back confirming that it would be appropriate for this person to work with children in the school.

Email should be sent to

Please remember that a Course Assistant cannot participate in a course until TGH has received confirmation of this CORI check.