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Trainer FAQs

Can I or my class assistant purchase a machine along with the participant/families?
Unfortunately, no.  At this time we are only able to subsidize machines for families and participants.

Can a family or participant purchase more than one machine?
No, it is one machine per parent/student in the school-based classes and one per household in the community-based classes.  In other words, if in the school-based class a mother comes to the class with her two children, she can purchase ONE machine.  If in the community-based class a husband and wife come together, they can purchase ONE machine.

For school-based trainers, when will we be paid?
After all forms are submitted to TGH, the turn-around time for the stipend is approximately two weeks.

As a trainer, do we need to cover every item in the curriculum?
No.  In fact, that would be nearly impossible.  The curriculum is like a buffet, you pick and choose based on what you think is best for your families/participants.  The only item we require is the Gmail piece.

What are the age limits for students/participants?
In the school-based program, students must be in the 5th grade or higher.  In the community-based program, participants must be 18 or older, unless accompanied by an adult.

Do all families/participants need to complete 15 hours of training?
Yes.  If a family/participant misses a class, they must make it up before they can purchase a computer.

Does the computer come with Microsoft Office?
Yes.  A basic version of Office comes with each computer.  However, we ask all trainers to introduce Google Docs to families/participants. For more information on the machine, see the machine flyer HERE.

Do all families/participants need to complete a final project?
Yes.  While the topic is mostly up to you, we do ask that all families/participant complete some sort of project that shows some of the skills and knowledge learned during the class.

I would like to conduct my school-based TGH class when the school is closed.  Will TGH pay for a custodian?
Yes, TGH will cover the cost of the custodian for your class.  When you submit the permit, write on it that it is for a TGH class and should be billed to:
Technology Goes Home
c/o Deb Socia
PO Box 961379
Boston, MA 02196