• Make sure your organization is an official TGH Partner Site. Please check with your supervisor, director, or head of school to confirm.

  • TGH has four different programs and you must be certified to teach in each one. Read the program descriptions on the overview page to determine which program(s) best fits your organization’s and participants’ needs.

1. Complete an online Trainer Application

  • You may ask the head of your organization for the link to the trainer application. You may also email us for it if you’ve confirmed that your site is an official partner.

  • Please only fill this form out ONCE. If you have additional information to update TGH about, please reach out to us directly via email.

  • The trainer application will collect some general information about you, your supervisor, and your participants. 

  • The application will ask you to complete an Internet Basics assessment and input your score into your application.

  • Completing an application does not guarantee that you will become a TGH Certified Trainer.

2. Internet Basics Assessment

  • Carefully follow the instructions in the Trainer Application so that you complete only the required Internet Basics assessment.

  • On average, the Internet Basics Assessment takes about 10 mins to complete

  • You must achieve a passing score of 85% or higher. 

  • Please take the assessment in a quiet environment where you can concentrate - don’t multitask!

3. Attend a Trainer Orientation

  • Applicants who are a good fit will be invited via email to attend a Trainer Orientation.

  • Trainer Orientations are held four times a year.

  • Make sure to attend the orientation that is specifically for the program you are looking to teach. Email us at if you need clarification and we will be happy to assist you.

  • These orientations provide a comprehensive review of all the responsibilities, logistics and steps required to run a TGH course.

  • Attending an orientation does not automatically certify you to be a trainer. Please wait for a follow up email to update you on your application status. Emails will be sent no later than five business days after each orientation.

Important notes:

  • We will update you via email on your application status after each step by email. You may also email us with questions and clarifications.

  • After you have been certified as a trainer, you will receive instructions on how to start your first TGH course.

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