Tech Goes Home (TGH), founded in 2000, is an award-winning 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to empower communities to access and use digital tools to overcome barriers and advance lives. With the support and backing of the city of Boston, TGH prioritizes low-income and underserved populations, including those without technology at home, the un- or under-employed, English language learners, and individuals with disabilities. 75% of TGH households have incomes under $35,000 per year. Of the learners that TGH serves, 85% are people of color and nearly 50% are immigrants. About 54% of TGH School courses support students with special needs. More than 35,000 learners have graduated from TGH and we have distributed more than 22,500 new computers. The program has been replicated in Tennessee, New York, New Mexico, Connecticut, and Louisiana.

Technology for all ages

TGH has opportunities for folks from age 3 to 93. See how TGH can help you!

Our Story, Our Purpose

Tech Goes Home is focused on tackling the entrenched barriers to technology adoption and internet access in Boston and across the United States. While it is easy to assume that mobile and home-based computer access to the internet has become universal, the stubborn fact remains that an estimated 47 million Americans have no access to a computer and Internet at home. Only 53% of families with a household income under $30,000 have a computer and home internet. One year after completing TGH, 93% of our graduates have home internet.


Research Yields Results

TGH has gathered extensive research to understand how people fall behind due to lack of technology and internet access. Check out just how much need there is out there, and the difference we're making!

Our TGH Cities

Tech Goes Home has been replicated in 5 different cities across the U.S. To learn more about these independent efforts, click below.

Awards and News

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The TGH Team

We have an awesome team of talented people with a passion for helping others. Take a look at the cool things they've done and continue to do to benefit their communities, and don't hesitate to get in touch!

Jobs With TGH

At TGH, we love working with people who love helping others, and we strive to create a more fair and accessible society. Interested in working with us? Click below to see any open positions, or contact us to find out all the other ways you can help us in our efforts to empower communities to overcome barriers and advance lives.

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TGH is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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