Join the fight for digital equity by volunteering with TGH!

Who are we?

At Tech Goes Home, we help bring computers, internet, and training to those without so students can do homework, adults can find jobs and manage finances, and seniors can connect with loved ones and lead healthy lives. Our program includes 15 hours of digital skills training, a new computer to take home, and for learners who lack home internet, a six-month internet subscription.



Below you will find the answers to many of the questions you might have about volunteering for TGH. 

What is Tech Goes Home?

Tech Goes Home (TGH) works to achieve digital equity by bringing digital skills training, tools, and access to those without so that students can succeed in school, adults can find jobs and manage finances, and seniors can connect with loved ones and lead healthy lives. Through partnerships with schools and community institutions, learners develop skills and habits required for smart technology and Internet use. Learners receive fifteen hours of classroom training, a new Chromebook or iPad, and access to low-cost, high-quality home internet.

Who does Tech Goes Home serve?

Tech Goes Home serves residents of Boston and surrounding communities who have been excluded from the digital world and the opportunities it provides. Of the learners we serve:

  • 1 in 3 do not have internet at home

  • A majority of household incomes are under $35,000/yr

  • 85% are people of color

  • Nearly half are immigrants

Why should I volunteer?

TGH relies on volunteers to achieve our mission to make Greater Boston the first metropolitan area in the U.S. where internet and the opportunities it provides are accessible to all. In the United States, 70% of teachers assign homework that requires high-speed Internet, yet over 5 million school-aged children do not have Internet at home. With more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies requiring online job applications, lacking digital tools makes the process of job searching nearly impossible. Since the organization was founded, TGH has worked with over 35,000 Greater Boston residents towards our goal to achieve digital equity, and we need the support of volunteers to continue this work.


By joining TGH you:

  • Make a lasting impact on Bostonians by empowering them to use the internet in whatever way will benefit them most

  • Become part of the TGH network and make connections with other dedicated people working to achieve digital equity

  • Improve your own knowledge of online resources and essential digital skills

  • Gain access to professional development opportunities held throughout the year

What would I be doing as a volunteer?

Volunteers can support TGH in several ways:

  • Course Volunteers: Provide in-class, hands-on support to TGH learners as they master new digital skills.

  • Events Assistant: Support TGH staff in organizing and holding special events, such as resource fairs for learners.

  • Use Your Professional Knowledge:

    • Lead a professional development training for our trainers, so they may incorporate new topics into the courses they teach.

    • Provide language interpretation or translation for our learners with limited English proficiency.

    • Participate in making "How-To" instructional handouts or video tutorials for TGH Learners

Can I volunteer with a group?

Yes! We welcome groups and individuals to volunteer.

What is the time commitment?

We have various roles available based on the amount of time volunteers are able to dedicate:

  • Course Volunteers: 12-15 hours over 1-2 months

  • Professional Skills: Varies according to volunteer availability

  • Events Assistant: Varies according to volunteer availability


Occasionally there are one-time opportunities that only require a single-day commitment. To find out more information about these opportunities email volunteer@techgoeshome.org.

Where would I be volunteering?

Volunteers either work at one of our TGH sites or work remotely, depending on how they want to help.


For Course Volunteers, there are nearly 200 program sites in the Greater Boston area, and volunteers will be able to select a site that is accessible and where there is need.


Other opportunities occur at a variety of sites, and some volunteers work remotely. For additional information about virtual volunteer opportunities, please send an email to volunteer@techgoeshome.org.

Do I need to be a computer scientist to volunteer?

No. Previous volunteers have worked everywhere from Boston Public Schools to Google, and we value the variety and diversity of expertise that our volunteers bring.

Can I volunteer in multiple roles?

Yes! We encourage our volunteers to engage with TGH in as many ways as possible.

Why do I need to attend an orientation?

By attending an orientation, volunteers are introduced to TGH, our training model, and their role as a volunteer. At the training, volunteers have the opportunity to meet TGH staff and site trainers as well as other volunteers who will be serving throughout Greater Boston.

For groups volunteering together, only one leader or delegate from the group will attend a TGH orientation. Then, they will pass along the information they receive to other members of the group.

What is a CORI form?

The term "CORI" is an abbreviation for Criminal Offender Record Information. For more information about CORI, please click here.

I have more questions. Who can I ask?

If you have additional questions, send an email to our program staff at volunteer@techgoeshome.org and we would be happy to answer them.