In the past five years alone, we have graduated

22,000 learners

from our programs and distributed

14,500 new computers.


TGH programs serve people of all ages, from 3 to 94, living in communities throughout Greater Boston. Our programs are directed at those without technology at home, with a focus on individuals who are un- or under-employed, are from low-income households, have limited English proficiency, or are living with disabilities. Of the households that TGH serves: 90% live in households that are considered “very low income” (HUD 2017), 90% are people of color, nearly 50% are English language learners, and 34% of adult learners are unemployed.

Our Cities

We are honored to offer our programs in neighborhoods throughout the City of Boston and nine surrounding Greater Boston municipalities. If you are interested in becoming a TGH partner, but are not located in one of the below communities, please reach out to info@techgoeshome.org. We have also partnered with organizations in cities across the U.S., including Chattanooga, New York City, New Orleans, Las Cruces, and more.