TGH’s mission is to empower communities to access and use digital tools to overcome barriers and advance their lives. We partner with schools, non-profits, and community organizations to address the three components of the digital divide: fundamental computer and internet skills training, affordable hardware, and access to reliable, low cost internet. Together TGH and its partner sites trained 5,500 learners in 2019.


Tech Goes Home partners with other agencies (schools, nonprofits, libraries, and lots others) who work with people who need access to technology. Our program is an 15-18 hour digital skills course, currently being done virtually during the pandemic. Learners who complete the course get a Chromebook and several months of paid internet access. Partner sites choose one or two of their employees to run the TGH course at their site. After being certified as TGH Instructors, the partner site's employees then run the TGH course at their site. Our curriculum is customizable so that instructors teach the digital skills, apps, and websites they think are most useful for their specific learners.


This meeting (either by phone or video) will be an opportunity for TGH to learn more about your organization, for you to learn more about TGH, and for us to discuss what a potential partnership might look like. Initial meetings must include a member of your leadership team (Executive Director, Site Director and/or Head of School). Please complete this New Partnership Inquiry form to set up a conversation. 

2. Apply to be a Partner

Once we’ve mutually agreed to move forward with the partnership, TGH will email you an application to become a new partner site. This application must be completed by a member of your leadership team (Executive Director, Site Director and/or Head of School). Completing an application does not guarantee approval.

3. Identify an employee to serve as the TGH Program Supervisor at your site.

The TGH Program Supervisor must be an employee of your site. This person will serve as TGH's main contact and responsible for:

  • Keeping TGH up-to-date on staff changes related to instructors and site leadership

  • Supervising the TGH program, instructors, assistants and volunteers at your site. 

  • Answering inquiries and questions about the TGH program at your site that may be asked by TGH instructors at your site or individuals interested in becoming instructors at your site.

  • TGH will ask the Program Supervisor to step in if TGH has issues with communication, logistics or compliance with any instructors, assistants or volunteers from your site.

The TGH Program Supervisor will be asked to attend a 1 hour orientation to learn about the TGH program, their role, and the responsibilities and logistics that TGH requires of the site, instructors, assistants and volunteers.​

4. Identify employees to who will apply to be the TGH Instructors at your site.

If you’ve received a partnership confirmation from Tech Goes Home, please identify at least one staff member from your organization who can run the 15-hour Tech Goes Home course. We recommend two instructors per TGH course. These instructors need not be computer experts but should be comfortable using the internet, particularly tools such as email, Google Docs, and search engines. TGH Instructors help learners learn about and sign up for low cost Internet and handle administrative duties related to the course including tracking attendance and collecting learner forms. Most importantly, they should be welcoming, patient, and passionate about helping people learn life-changing skills!

5. Certify your TGH Instructors

Once your site partnership is official, you will receive instructions to share with your staff about a instructor application. They must complete a four step process to be certified as a Tech Goes Home Instructor. 

  1. Complete an online instructor application

  2. Pass a short “Internet Basics” assessment with a score of 85% or higher

  3. Attend a 3 hour Instructor Orientation with our team.

  4. Complete a background CORI check.

6. Apply to start a course

Certified instructors at official partner sites can submit a course application for each cohort they would like to teach. While we can not approve every course that our partners want to teach, we do our best to meet the demand. Once the course is approved, the site may recruit participants and run the course!



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TGH is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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