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Our Programs

TGH Community

A TGH instructor helps two TGH learners work on their Chromebooks

The TGH Community Program partners with social service organizations in Greater Boston to deliver a course focused on fundamental digital skills for adults. Taught by TGH certified instructors at our partner organizations, course topics include, but are not limited to, job searching, financial literacy, communicating with friends and family, accessing public benefits, and finding educational programs. Courses are offered at locations such as libraries, community centers, public housing, and other organizations. Each learner who completes a TGH course earns a Chromebook and 12 months of internet service.

TGH Small Business

The TGH Small Business Program offers a customized digital skills training for local small business owners, micro-entrepreneurs, and people interested in starting a business venture or nonprofit. Graduates of the program gain digital skills to strengthen their businesses and, in turn, the local economy. The curriculum focuses on leveraging city resources, managing finances, developing an effective online presence, accepting online payments, and more. Each learner who completes a TGH course earns a Chromebook and 12 months of internet service.

A TGH learner works on her Chromebook

TGH School

A man and his child work together on their TGH Chromebook

The TGH School Program is families with students in grades 1 - 12. Partner schools can provide courses for students officially enrolled in their school. Nonprofit organizations that work with youth can also run courses for families from the community. All courses are taught by TGH certified instructors. This program encourages parent engagement and gives the student and adult caregiver an opportunity to learn together. The curriculum focuses on fundamental digital skills and topics such as using Google apps for school and work, finding apps and websites for learning and play, tracking grades and attendance online, finding after-school and academic programs, and accessing web-based family resources. Each family who completes a TGH course family earns a Chromebook and 12 months of internet services.

TGH Early Childhood

The TGH Early Childhood Program is for families with young children ages 3-6. The course is taught using iPads by early education specialists who are certified TGH instructors. Designed for the parent/caregiver and their child, the curriculum is built around educational and social-emotional learning apps that focus on early language, literacy, and STEAM skill-building. Families practice early learning strategies and discuss challenges and opportunities in parenting with technology. Each family who completes a TGH course family earns an iPad and 12 months of internet services.

A preschool-aged child smiles holidng an iPad
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