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City of Boston Parks & Recreation

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​About the webinar: For the Google Hangouts & Meet webinar workshop we will explore the similarities and differences between both options, delve into the ways to use each, and figure out which might be best for certain needs. 


American Museum of Natural History on YouTube

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​About the webinar: Google Voice is a free service that provides call forwarding and voicemail services, voice and text messaging, as well as U.S. and international calling. You can use Google Voice as a second phone number that you can use as a "virtual work number". It can be linked to your cell phone or landline or you can use it directly through the web. This webinar will cover the basics to get you started using Google Voice.



Good Night with Dolly 


​About the webinar: In this webinar you will learn all the basics of using your Chromebook, plus some extra helpful information. We will cover the settings, accessibility options, downloading apps, saving to the google drive vs the computer hard drive, the Google Assistant, and other things such as the Chrome browser, bookmarks, etc.

About the facilitator: Wim Wauters has been with Google for 8 years and currently works as a Chromebook Training Manager in the Google UK office. He's responsible for developing Chromebook training programs for retailer staff across the globe. He's looking forward to meeting everyone and talking about his favorite product!