Parks Logo According to the city’s website, “The Parks & Recreation Department provides residents and visitors with clean, green, safe, and accessible open space in more than 2,200 acres of park land throughout the city.”  Using you can explore many of these parks and open spaces. PDF English PDF Spanish

Looking for stuff to do, but not sure what?  Wish you knew about all the events going on in your neighborhood?  "" is the perfect site for you!

PDF English  PDF Spanish “FreeRice is a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Programme.”  More than that, it is a fun and competitive game site!  You can try out multiple languages, cruise the famous painting game, or even try to find countries on a map. PDF English PDF Spanish
Chromebook Logo Want to know all about your new TGH Chromebook? The link to the right is for you! There you will see how to personalize your new device to suit your needs. This includes how set your background image, connect to your other Google accounts, upload and edit pictures, and much more.  Chrome Logo - English  Chrome Logo - Spanish
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Sites that might interest you
Yelp logo Yelp is a great place to get reviews and information about local businesses, including restuarants, hair salons, retail stores, and much more!
Boston Moves for Health "I’m excited to introduce Boston Moves for Health, an ambitious campaign to improve the health and fitness of our city. I hope you’ll join my Million Pound Challenge and also help us reach our goal of moving 10 million miles this year... By joining this free wellness portal, you will be able to set personal health goals, map walks and runs, find new workouts, get nutrition tips, track your progress, and team up with friends to coordinate group activities and support each other along the way." - Mayor Menino